Consulting pays off!

Cost transparency is of great importance to us.  


As such, we at the Law Offices of Ronald Kartnig strive to keep our legal work as transparent as possible.


The initial consultation gives us and our potential clients the opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss how legal representation should be carried out.


Nevertheless, in civil court, losing litigants carry the total burden of all court costs associated with the given case. 


For clients with legal expense insurance, the Law Offices of Ronald Kartnig assume responsibility for contacting the relevant insurance company to determine whether the given insurance plan will cover the expenses of the given case. Once the insurance company confirms coverage, costs can be offset directly against the legal expense insurance. In most cases, cost risks (such as attorney fees, court fees, expert fees, and witness reimbursement) can, thereby, be eliminated.  


Important Notice: Legal expense insurance allows insured persons to choose their own lawyers. You are, therefore, by no means obligated to accept lawyers suggested by your insurance company. Choose a lawyer you can trust.