The Law Offices of Mag. Ronald Kartnig offer their clients sound, solution-oriented legal counsel.


National and international corporations as well as private individuals can rely on our expert support. Both inside and outside the courtroom, your rights will be exercised efficiently.


Our legal counsel is personalized and individualized in order to ensure our clients’ maximum benefit from our overall expertise, efficiency, and experience. You can count on our full commitment to your particular cause.


The Law Offices of Mag. Ronald Kartnig are active in all areas of legal practise. Our clients’ needs dictate the content and development of each and every legal consultation. Close collaboration with notaries, tax consultants, translators, and/or interpreters can be arranged as needed, allowing us to attain the most economically viable overall solutions at the highest of levels.


At the same time, modern legal representation also demands a clear focus. Our specific areas of expertise include the following: 

  • medical malpractice law
  • inheritance and asset succession law
  • debt collection / enforcement law
  • product liability law
  • case management
  • warranty and tort law
  • business law
  • insurance law
  • liability of financial consultants
  • administrative law / administrative criminal law 

Expertise, flexibility, and goal-oriented strategies for the optimal representation of your interests lay the foundation for our law firm’s high standards of quality.


Enjoying success in Austria!